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  • Why the device is it so big ?
  • How do I know it works ?
  • Is it possible to use it in home hospitalization ?
The objective is to project the largest image in high definition and with a brightness that does not require any prior occultation of the windows. The PANASONIC projector offers all these qualities. The IVR module adapts to the size of this device, and also contains a BluRay disc player, amplifier and speaker. All connections are integrated to allow for easy use.
We are at the stage of implementing the IVR system and making in-situ findings. The testimonies of patients and caregivers are encouraging. The positive impact of IVR is observed on anxiety, insomnia and the patient-caregiver relationship. A clinical study is being prepared to investigate the impact of IVR on patients' anxiety during their first course of chemotherapy.
Given its mobility, the IVR can quite well be considered as a support system for people hospitalised at home, provided that its installation is supported by a city-hospital liaison network or a patients' association.