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Improving the lives of hospitalised patients with Panasonic projectors

IVRSYSTEMS developed an innovative solution with the help of Panasonic PT-EZ770 projectors.

A mobile video unit projects relaxing films onto the ceiling provided patients with a calming and personalised experience.


Location - France

Products Supplied - PT-EZ770Z

Challenge : To find projectors capable of projecting large-format, full-HD images/videos onto a ceiling despite the dimensions of the projection surface.

Solution : The PT-EZ770 model was the ideal choice on account of its low noise level and full-HD resolution. Even in tight spaces, the short-throw lens allows fairly large images to be produced enabling patients to become fully immersed.Integrating the Panasonic video-projector into our mobile box has proven to be a great success. Healthcare professionals are always blown away by the projections and patients get to enjoy films of beautiful landscapes or peaceful scenes of day-to-day life and feel like they are really there.
Michel Ganz, Founder of IVRSYSTEMS

Panasonic visual solution with IVRSYSTEMS

Panasonic visual solution


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